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Yoga Poetry 009Stella and Charles Guttman Community College, formerly the New Community College at CUNY, opened its doors to its inaugural class of students in August 2012.  Since that time, ePortfolio has been at the center of the learning experience, connecting student learning, pedagogy, professional development and outcomes assessment.  One of the hallmarks of our model is that every student at the college creates and beings using an ePortfolio during their Summer Bridge program.  That ePortfolio then becomes a place for students to demonstrate and articulate their learning from both their curricular and co-curricular experiences.

IMG_1250In our model there is a strong connection between pedagogy and professional development.  We offer and encourage participation in ongoing professional development that focuses on the reflective, integrative and social pedagogies that ePortfolios foster.  This professional development encourages all faculty, full-time and adjunct, to integrate ePortfolios into their courses in a way that enriches their teaching and learning practices.  We also work with our Student Success Advocates and Career Strategists, identifying ways to use ePortfolio for advising and planning.

IMG_1395ePortfolio is also strongly connected to our assessment work at Guttman, where we focus on assessment for learning.  Assessment days are held at the mid- and end-point of each semester where we examine individual student ePortfolios.  We are connecting this work to our Guttman Learning Outcomes, as we launch a 3-year inquiry, reflection, and integration-based assessment plan.

For more details about Guttman’s ePortfolio project, please click here to read Our Scaling Up Story.

ePortfolio is the centerpiece of Stella and Charles Guttman Community College’s unique educational model.  In September 2013, at the request of President Scott Evenbeck, an ePortfolio Taskforce was established, which developed an institutional ePortfolio vision and philosophy.  These two statements articulate the purpose, role, and importance of ePortfolio across all aspects of our learning at our college.

As an institution focused on learning and improvement, ePortfolio is an integral and integrating component at the center of Guttman Community College. The use of ePortfolio spans the breadth of our work and organization from students, faculty and staff, to programs, from academic and curricula to administrative and institutional functions.  ePortfolio is a space to showcase our work, articulate and reflect on our learning, assess our outcomes, document improvements and change, and communicate to each other and the larger communities we are a part of.

At Guttman Community College, we believe ePortfolio can serve as the conversational centerpiece and clearinghouse for institutional learning and change. ePortfolio catalyzes learning, assessment and communication in proportion to its use.  The more we participate deliberately, thoughtfully and reflectively, the more we connect our limited contexts across the organization and act on behalf of the greater institutional context.  As a community of learners, we use ePortfolio to define and shape integrated curricula, advising programs and career preparation through asynchronous exchanges of knowledge, culture, and experience. Within the curriculum and co-curriculum, ePortfolio helps us enlarge conventional learning with real world practice and lived experience and discover connections that enhance and reorganize what can occur in the classroom. Through assessment, ePortfolio engages everyone—students, faculty, staff and administrators—in a deeper understanding of our mission and its achievement through careful parsing of our Guttman Learning Outcomes.

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