Our Campus

NewYorkPublicLibrary2Developed in fulfillment of  Chancellor Matthew Goldstein’s committment to improving graduation rates and student success in the City University of New York’s network of community colleges, Stella and Charles Guttman Community College (formerly The New Community College) opened its doors to its inaugural class of 300 students on August 20, 2012.  CUNY is one of the nation’s largest urban public university systems and Guttman Community College is the first new community college it has opened in more than four decades. Applying best practices developed at other CUNY campuses and around the country, including integrating remedial and developmental coursework into credit-bearing academic classes, Guttman is a leader in higher education innovation.

i-400_2b91263f347ed3b239e538ef9128e501_bOverlooking the serene landscape of Midtown Manhattan’s famous Bryant Park, Guttman Community College inspires students to step outside of the classroom and experience the City of New York through the lens of interdisciplinary academic courses.  The integrated first-year experience, City Seminar, introduces students to critical issues that impact the City and the globe.  Entering students begin in the Summer Bridge Program that provides a transition from high school to college. They are assigned cohorts within a learning community, or House, and work with faculty and staff over the course of their first year. Guttman Community College is privileged to have a 75% retention rate after the first operational year and attributes this to its high-touch, high-impact, and supportive model of teaching and advising.  Student Success Advocates are integral to the House instructional team and provide students with both personal and academic support.

The Bryant Park Campus is also high-tech and infused with state-of-the-art instructional technology.  Laptops are made available to students during instructional time and classes are wired with SmartBoard technology.  ePortfolio is integral to the mission of the college and serves as the centerpiece for collaborative and integrative learning.  Students are actively becoming aware of their digital identities and developing their portfolios to reflect their work at Guttman for future employment, scholarships, and transfer opportunities.

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